Walking with Jesus - *** THIRTEEN 15 min. VIDEOS ***

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These programs will strengthen your faith and give you a clear Biblical perspective on what it means to "Be Saved", and more importantly, just what exactly does a person do to "Accept the sacrifice of Jesus, unto Salvation".  These wonderful presentations are based on the book "Steps to Christ", and you can find a series of 13 study guides which go along with these videos on our "Download" page.

                   Episode #1 God's Enduring Love For You

                           Episode #2 Our Need of Jesus

                          Episode #3 What is Repentance?

                Episode #4 If God Already Knows, Why Confess?

                         Episode #5 The Consecrated life

                   Episode #6 Faith & Acceptance in Action

                               Episode #7 Discipleship

                           Episode #8 Maturing in Jesus

             Episode #9 Working for the Happiness of Others

                   Episode #10 Gaining a Knowledge of God

                  Episode #11 Opening Your Heart to God

                      Episode #12 Casting Your Doubts Away

               Episode #13 Be Happy and Rejoice in Jesus

We pray this video series has brought you closer to Jesus and has given you a greater understand of who He is, and how much He LOVES YOU!