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1. Three Big Secrets to a Happy Family
2. Essentials of Effective Communication
3. Three ways to say “I Love You”
4. Resolving Conflicts
5. Managing Stress and Gaining Inner Peace
6. What God has Joined Together
7. Six keys to Financial Success
8. Healing, Health and Happiness
9. Who’s the Boss in my House
10. How to Help my Child Obey
11. Four Ways to Discipline
12. Four Ways to Speak with Tongues
13. The Happy Family Forever













Answers to two popular questions:

Q.  What inspired you to produce “The Happy Family” series?
A.  Today’s families struggle with difficult issues such as poor communications, finances, divorce,
discipline, intamacy, childhood obedience etc.  The Happy Family series is designed to provide answers that will help families navigate these issues, while at the same time creating a loving environment within their home.

Q.  Will applying “The Happy Family” principles in my home really work?
A.  Yes, each principle has a solid Biblical foundation, therefore each is blessed by God.  When applied to our life, these principles will stand the test of time, transforming hearts and lives within your home.  We encourage you to share the blessings of this series with your family, friends and neighbors.



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