Prophecies of the Messiah

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Often times people don't see the wonder of prophecy fulfilled in the life of Jesus, our Messiah, but some of the most precious prophecies in the Bible are written of Him.  It's so beautiful when you can know for sure, that Jesus is the Holy One predicted in the Scriptures, the Holy one, and the only one, who can take away our sins, through sacraficing His sanctified life on our behalf.  We invite you to play each segment in this prophetic series on the Life of Jesus.


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1) His Ascension
2) Messiah's Teachings
3) Among Thieves
4) Messiah's Unbroken Bones
5) The Messiah's Pain
6) He was Forsaken
7) Messiah's Wounds
8) The Messiah's Work
9) Messiah's Triumphant Entry
10) Messiah's Birthplace
11) Blood Money
12) Messiah's Resurrection
13) Persecution of the Messiah
14) Messiah's Inner Strength
15) His Humiliation
16) His Garments
17) His Death
18) His Burial
19) The Messiah's Betrayer
20) His Beating
21) The Betrayer's Payment