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All humanity, and the universe we live in, comes from the hand of God who is the Creator of all things. Please take some time to view all three of our Creation videos. You'll find them to be a great source to strengthen your faith. They are ideal for family viewing and will answer many of your questions concerning Creation and Evolution. These programs may even encourage young people in pursuing medical careers or other scientific fields of interest.

                                 Is Evolution Scientific


                            Discover Lucy's Fossil Remains


                              Building Blocks of Creation








  1. Is Evolution Scientific (30 min.)
  2. Discover Lucy's Fossil Remains (30 min.)
  3. The Building Blocks of Creation (30 min.)
  4. The Creation of Man (1min.)
  5. The Flood (1min.)
  6. Religion & Science (1min.)
  7. Entropy (1min.)
  8. The Coelacanth (1min.)
  9. The Heart (1min.)