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This series has been greatly enjoyed by young and old alike.  In "Lessons from Nature" we take a look at various animals and extract from their lives, different character traits that can be applied to our lives in such a manner, as to have a positive influence on how we live life among others!  We invite you to watch all the videos in this beautiful series.

                                          The Musk Ox

                                         Domestic Sheep

                                      The Mountain Goat

                                              The Owl

                                          Mourning Dove

                                    Pronghorn Antelope

                                             The Lion

                                      The Gray Squirrel

                                        The Bald Eagle

                                        The Whitetail Deer

1) The Musk Ox
2) Domestic Sheep
3) The Mountain Goat
4) The Owl
5) The Mourning Dove
6) The Pronghorn Antelope
7) The Lion
8) The Gray Squirrel
9) The Bald Eagle
10) The Whitetail Deer